Employee monitoring; a simple Guide

Employee monitoring allows your business or corporation to track the employee activities. It monitors the engagement of the worker with some workplace related tasks. Using employee monitoring on computers can help you a lot. It measures the productivity of the workers, track e their attendance, ensure some form of security and also collect the proof needed for hours they worked.

Employee monitoring software is a new implementation in some businesses but has been around for quite some time. You will be amazed to hear that employee monitoring has been around since the late 80’s.  The first timesheet was invented around 1880 and this lead to some of the most used employee monitoring technologies.  Now, we are able to track how much time people spend at work and how productive they are during that period. You can also monitor the applications people use the most, the tasks people struggle with and what time they work best.

Modern technology allows companies to track almost all of the employee activities. Employee monitoring software can track the emails, phone use, the computer screen recording, internet app usage, GPS tracking by vehicle, Audio and Video surveillance, and location tracking using the access badge. The data you obtain has ability to transform your decision making process. You can use the date to determine product rates, appropriate salary, tool kits, optimal teams and the work process. You can get proper information about a specific employee.  Current employee monitoring systems make the workplace more efficient and your teams more productive.

The following are popular types of employee monitoring systems

Internet use

Monitoring allows you to see the URLs used by the team members. If your tem spend more time browsing online than working, you will be able to know. Jobs like social media managing should not be considered as problematic.

Phone and voicemails

This allows the company to record and monitor all phone calls. Having information on client and staff interactions, their prospects and uses will help you monitor the customer support statistics. Listening to calls will help you determine what they are doing right. You will also come across some phone misappropriation which you can control before it gets out of hand. Many companies monitor their voicemails for the same reasons they monitor the calls.


Monitoring the employee email can help your company anticipate any issues before they come up. You can use this to settle important disputes.


Tracking the location of the employees is really common with the monitoring software. You can tell where they are using the vehicle and phone.

Benefits of employee monitoring

Team leaders, executives and entrepreneurs get major rewards by using employee monitoring software.  They eliminate the cash leak in your company.  For instance, some software let you pay people for the time they have spent working. This also encourages employees to spend their time working.  There are also fewer errors at your company, you get better insights of your employees and create more transparency at work.  Monitoring your employees makes your workplace safer for everyone, lessens the need for administrative work, and creates grounds for better delegations.